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6 Hour Roasted Pork with best-ever crackling

pork joint

Slow Roasted Pork, with the best ever crackling! Oh so simple and so luxurious, melt in the mouth meat, with a kick. I served this with bead rolls, homemade coleslaw and a drizzle made from the meat juices left in the roasting dish, fresh chopped red chillies, crushed garlic and a slug of red wine. Mixed together and gently heated to infuse.

This beautiful piece of pork was boned shoulder (many recipes suggest bone in is more juicy, but to be honest this couldn’t have been sweeter or juicier and the crackling was to die for).

I rubbed the skin (already scored and sliced through by the Butcher) with olive oil, salt and pepper, generous amounts of smoked paprika and probably a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, after massaging this well into the skin and all around the meat, I sprinkled a generous couple of tablespoons of Demerara sugar onto the crackling.

Pop in the oven (set at its highest heat  – 230C for me – and then immediately turn it down to 150C) leave to cook for about 4 hours, baste occasionally with the meat juices from the pan. Turn the oven down again to about 120C for another couple of hours and  – voila! the crispiest crackling (remove this in one go and cut up with kitchen scissors) and the juiciest pork (shred the meat with two forks rather like Chinese Crispy Duck)  drizzle with Chilli and Garlic dressing to taste and Oh it was bliss!

roast pork



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