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Manhattan”corner shop”, but I still need a liquor store, honey.

“Let’s pop to a local supermarket,  see if we can pick up a few things for the room – wine, snacks etc to nibble and sip while we unpack”. My inspired idea on arrival in Mid-Town Manhattan last week. We walked out of the hotel and spotted this:-

shop front

I tried to find the door (there were a few, I wasn’t drunk) and my first encounter with a native New Yorker who laughed and pointed me in the right direction. Why do I keep singing that Sting song about an Englishman in New York….? Anyway, this was our local “corner” shop. Open 24 hours and, well, is there anything more one can want to consume that you can’t find here?  (as it transpires, yes, but more of that later).

   ice creams  shop

Now, I love Morrissons and Sainsbury’s, even Waitrose, as much as the next man, but I want one of these shops in my village. These photos don’t do the range justice, but I thought I might be deemed slightly mentally deranged if I took photos of every single aisle.

salami    cheese

I went back everyday, even though I didn’t need anything and at odd times …..just because I could.

What can’t you find in this shop (well, bit low on, but not completely without, fresh fish, fair dos) WINE, proper WINE. Hadn’t bargained on American Licensing laws, only wine available was 4%.  Pah, get me to a liquor store, honey.

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