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Corned Beef Hash and Clam Chowder – Come take another walk with me, down to Battery Park, NYC.

And another Huge Breakfast

Back to New York and check out this breakfast. Astro’s American Diner in Mid-Town Manhattan. Just around the corner from our Hotel, we found this old-school breakfast joint. Astro’s has been on 6th Ave and 55th Street for over 30 years, we stumbled across it looking for an early breakfast (it opens at 6am) and we were the first customers in. Not knowing the patch we just hoped we had chosen wisely, but not to worry, within half an hour the place was completely full, so clearly the locals knew its charms. Seems to be largely family run by New York Greek/Cypriots and if you are hungry and heading for a heavy day of sightseeing, this will set you up nicely, and the coffee is strong enough to stand a spoon in and just keeps coming.

 corned beef hash      Waffles and Bacon     

Husband had the (huge) corned beef hash, with eggs –  and managed to finish it, Daughter had the waffle and Canadian-style bacon and I had the pancakes, American bacon and two eggs, over-easy (see, picked up the vernacular now..). I managed 1 pancake, the daughter managed half the waffle. American Breakfasts are VAST.

Union Square Food Market

We headed down to Battery Park with a view to getting the Ferry, but got distracted en route in the joy that is the Union Square Food Market. I actually could have spent the entire day here. The Statue of Liberty is all well and good, but with this many radishes to contemplate…..

radishes       chillies

If you get chance, check out this market, and be prepared to come home with sack loads of fresh veg!

tomatoes   Funghi

After much distraction we finally made it down to Battery Park (I have never done so much walking, btw, come to New York with the comfiest, sturdiest shoes you own, walking is the best way to see this city, even if you do end up with a crick in your neck and it must be the best way to work off the breakfasts…)

Pier A Harbour House

We arrived at the Ferry, along with about 2000 others, so decided, on reflection, that, lovely as she may be, we all had a pretty good idea what the Statue of Liberty looked like, and therefore rather than queue for 2 hours to confirm it, we’d have lunch instead. I have missed quite a lot of the world’s tourist hotspots because I have decided to have lunch instead. This is not a bad thing, mind.

Pier A

Pier A, also know as the Liberty Gateway, is the last remaining historic pier in the Hudson River, originally built around 1884, it has fairly recently been transformed into a bar and restaurant. It is beautifully restored, keeping many of its orignal features,  and has fabulous views over the harbour. It also has a lot of oysters, and as you know, dear reader, I love a good oyster. Not this time though. I went for the Clam Chowder. Very nice, but only lukewarm, I like my soup hot.

 Clam Chowder

Daughter went for pulled pork (love a good bit of pulled pork as much as the next woman, but good grief, is there nowhere that doesn’t serve it??) She loved it. We also had the nicest and smiliest server we came across in New York, I didn’t get her name or even a picture, but she was, let’s say, a more mature lady (ahem…) and she was fab – as we all are…

Pulled Pork   Pier A

Loved Pier A, fantastic building, it transports you back to the days of European Immigration from all those movies you’ve watched, you can imagine Pier A being one of the first things you see as you arrive in your new land. All very romantic and evocative. I would definitely come back for dinner and, of course, for Oysters, and happily sit and watch the queues for Staten Island.


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