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More Manhattan Musings – Frankies (no apostrophe) Dogs to Go

We headed over to Grand Central Station to check out the famous Oyster Bar, but it was Sunday, so it wasn’t happening. What else was there for it but a hot-dog then? not exactly a “street dog” but close enough for now. For me, a hot dog is a Frankfurter in a soft finger roll, with crispy blackened fried onions and sharp English mustard and I love them (I do try to avoid the mechanically-recovered chicken versions, but a good pork “dog” is a fairground and Bonfire Night staple). The crucial thing about eating a hot-dog on the go is that fillings must be under the Frankfurter, otherwise as soon as you bite into it, the majority of the filling will be down your front and on your shoes…. is it only me that thinks this?  Apparently so, as no one but me serves them like this anymore, especially not in the US if  my New York experience is anything to go by. I have also, until now, never spent $6.25 on a hot-dog. Still, this was Grand Central Station, this was Frankies to Go (no apostrophe apparently…) so I am not being churlish about the price.

central station      Frankies hot dog

We went modest to start with…………Frankies Bronx Bomber –  a Jumbo Dog, White Onions, Bacon Bits (note the bits, not actual bits of bacon) Relish (?) and Yellow Mustard (?). Got to be said that I really rather enjoyed it, but, of course, without the box, there is no way you could eat this on the move with the filling on the top like that! I don’t know what kind of relish “relish” is or what kind of mustard “yellow mustard” is, and Bacon Bits are, well, hard salty bacony things, but not really like bacon. BUT, yep, I loved it and I would go back to Frankies again (on a Sunday).

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