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Well, a bit of Wiff-Waff on a Wednesday. Louis Louis at the achingly cool Das Kino, Nottingham

I think it is thanks to the controversial, and heavily disputed, claim by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, that we all now know that ping-pong is allegedly derived from the Victorian game of Wiff Waff  – played with a wine cork  and pig- skin bats on 19th Century English dining tables. Back then I imagine that they could scarcely conceive that their genteel game would become a bit of an on-trend evening pursuit by urban cool young things, but here we are.

das kino board  image   image

The husband and I were delighted to be invited to sample the new gourmet pizza and dining Emporium offer by local chef  Louis Gray at Das Kino on Fletchergate last night. Das Kino is, I believe, Nottingham’s first ping-pong bar. Yep, Gourmet Pizza and Ping-Pong, what’s not to like? Safe to say, there was nothing like this when I was a regular Wednesday night bar-goer – although to be fair, that is some time ago.


Das Kino is achingly cool, paying homage to iconic German cinema and doing justice to a fine bit of Nottingham architecture  – and last night it was heaving.  The pizzas are a bit different, – thankfully – because a bit like pulled pork and sliding burgers, sometimes we need to move on a bit. (and forgive me Italy, I don’t mean you). Husband really rather liked his “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” (yes…ahem) with Hot Smoked Salmon, anchovies, capers, black olive tapanade, lemon oil and spring onion and I was rather partial to my Classico, with Buffalo Mozzarella and roast tomatoes (that were actually still clearly tomatoes).

salmon pizza   classico

Thanks for the invite guys, we will be back for a game of Wiff Waff and more to eat (we didn’t get chance to try many of the other choices as the servers were run off their feet!), and we will definitely be back for the music, which was the same set as was playing probably the last time I was eating pizza and drinking beer in Nottingham City Centre at 6pm on a Wednesday. Didn’t catch who the DJ was  – but can I just say, fantastic, I am finally “en pointe” musically speaking.


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