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Revolucion De Cuba….on Market Street..

Cuba came to Nottingham City Centre this week with the opening of Revolucion De Cuba on Market Street in the amazingly grand Alexandra House. Huge money has clearly been spent on turning this lovely old building into a series of bars, restaurants, snugs, a dance floor and even a cigar terrace (oh and the Ladies loos downstairs are awesome, that huge circular sofa!) doing justice to both the elegant architecture and interior spaces of the building and to the spirit of Havana and Cuba (well, tbh, I have never been to Cuba, but we certainly felt transported to somewhere exotic and captivating… that could have been helped partly by the copious amount of rum and mojita we consumed – but not entirely).

Cuba   mojito     squid

Not only were we greeted with some lovely nibbles (and the squid – which has been a bit of theme for me this last two weeks – see Thaikhun review and Zaap – unlikely as it is for a damp December in Nottingham, was fabulous) live music and Rum cocktails, but we retired to an equally elegant upstairs private bar for a demonstration on traditional and Passion Fruit Mojito making (as ably demonstrated by the Sheriff of Nottingham  (yes we do still have one) – who not only makes a mean mojito, but later it became clear, can throw a few Salsa shapes….who knew?).

Sheriff    sheriff of Nottingham

We were treated to a masterclass on Rum by Alex (is that right? think so) who seemed to know everything that there is to know about rum – and there is a lot, from how and for how long it is matured, to the altitude, the flavours, colours and various countries of origin…and of course we got to try a few….


Gantry    image  image    loos

Fortified by the rum & cocktails we ventured to the dance-floor for a traditional “blessing” and a mass salsa class.

blessing  dance floor

And as if this was not enough, we then returned downstairs for some amazing-looking food. Unfortunately, we had to leave before sampling, but we will be back.

Cuba Food cuba food

Revolucion seems to me to be a great addition to the Nottingham restaurant/bar offer – (and not just for the young team  – get your posh frock and your dancing shoes on!), the building has been tastefully and convincingly renovated, sophisticated, classy and authentic (as much as I can tell), you really do feel as if you’ve been transported.

Well done, guys, and thanks for the fabulous evening. We will be back for a meal as soon as we can. In the meantime… I was going to say if you find yourself in town popping in to Revolucion is a must, but no, actually, make a special journey just to go there. Fab.


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