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Faith Restored in Tapas at Revolucion de Cuba’s Cantina

After the rum, salsa and mojito-fuelled opening night of one of Nottingham’s newest venues (and my current fave) we returned to Revolucion for some food. Given how much we had enjoyed the opening night, this place had something to live up to on the food front.

To be fair, though, it was a seriously driech January day that we ventured en famille to town for a leisurely lunch and it wouldn’t have taken much for a place that offered food, drink and warmth to beat being outside.

I’m always a bit sceptical about Tapas in the UK. I have had too many poor or mediocre offerings and so often the squid is chewy (my pet hate, dear reader as you probably know by now), there is usually some over-dry preserved meat claiming to be a Spanish Sausage, rubbery prawns and that overworked bowl of square chips and spicy ketchup, the much offended against Patatas Bravas (I never order these now, life is too short).

Still, we needn’t have worried. Revolucion de Cuba served up the best Tapas I have had in a long, long time. My faith has been restored. And not only that, the cocktails were tempting enough to postpone our dry-January for.

beer  beer   Lemonade

We started with a couple of beers – a Cuban Palma Cristal and an Argentinian Quilmes. Both were good, the Palma Cristal was lighter and fizzier and much the nicer to my mind. The daughter chose from the excellent Mocktail list, going for the Lavender Lemonade (twice!). The husband had two cocktails, one Jamaican and one with Dark Rum – we were enjoying our lunch so much we actually forgot to note their names and take pictures (bit of a school-boy error for a foodblogger there).

  olives   olives

We nibbled on Bella di Cerignola olives and chose 6 dishes between 3 of us, (which was plenty for lunch – the portions are very generous)


Nachos del Sol (tortilla chips with Roquito and Manchego cheese sauces, “laced with black beans, fresh guacamole and mango”). These were good (although a couple were ever so slightly over toasted at the bottom) –  couldn’t stop nibbling them.


Gambas Pil Pil (king prawns tossed in butter, chilli, garlic and lime) These were super tasty and a favourite with us all. Tender, and spicy, not the usual rubbery offerings that hide under lashing of garlic and chilli. If I am being really, really picky, they could have done with being a bit warmer, but not a big deal.


Serrano Ham Bruschetta (sourdough toast topped with tomato, garlic and serrano ham). Nice, crisp and fresh, the daughter loved these.

belly pork

Pork Belly Skewers (roasted in spicy rum sauce and topped with pico de gallo). These were excellent, fall-apart cooked and very generous portions


Calamari (with garlic aioli). And yes, edible squid. Tender, crispy and delicious. Slightly over-salted for my taste, but not enough to stop me finishing the lot before the others could.

Iberico Ham Croquettas (air-dried ham in bechamel and potato croquettas served with garlic aioli). These were to die for, absolutely delicious, hot, soft, salty and comforting. Sooo good. In fact, sooo good, that we forgot to take photos (you can just spot them in the top right-hand corner of the photo above). Sorry about that..


Sharing 6 between 3 was plenty, but it did mean we had room for pudding and Oh My God, pudding was sublime… (complemented in my case by the totally delicious White Cuban Dessert Cocktail of espresso with Baileys and Cafe Patron XO – you must try this!).


We chose the Mini Dessert Selection – honestly, make sure you leave room for this tapas-style dessert – warm strawberry and mango empanadas, chocolate rum truffles, churros with rum caramel sauce (honestly I could have eaten a bucket-load of this sauce) and mini strawberry daiquiris.


dessert   cuba

These were so so good. If you do nothing else, try these puddings. Can’t fault them.  In fact, I can’t really fault our lunch at all. Service was great (although a tiny bit slow to bring our drinks to start with), smiling, friendly staff, the food was delicious, the drinks are fabulous and the pudding….well. Try it for yourself!





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