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A pleasant enough lunch at Mud Crab Pacifico, West Bridgford

So, in the week before Christmas I met up with a friend for a leisurely lunch on her patch  – West Bridgford. The main street there is now simply restaurant alley, and it must have the richest footfall of any high street in the county, no wonder the rents are such that virtually no start-up independents can ever get a foothold there. Still, there is plenty of choice for a girlie lunch with a couple of bottles of dry white (this was pre the new abstinence, I mean alcohol, guidelines – natch)


We chose Mud Crab Pacifico. Last time I came here it was a Pizza/Pasta place I seem to recall. It is now a pizza/ burger/grill/steak place. What am I missing in the name here? And this is the problem for me, I am not really sure what Mud Crab is. It is perfectly nice though.


The friend enjoyed her poached mussels in a curry broth with fries – (in fact she polished the lot off – and it was a pretty generous portion…)


My “Black and Blue all Over” burger came with a large garlic portobello mushroom and melted blue cheese, and a “cajun” onion ring. It was all okay, although the strong cheese all but drowned out any flavour the burger may have had. It was so huge I couldn’t finish it.


Lunch was perfectly okay. I have no desire to put the place down. There is so much competition in town for burgers and grills now that I fear Mud Crab seems a bit, well….ordinary. But, hey,  for a local eating place, in pleasant surrounding with perfectly nice staff, I guess it does its job just fine.

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