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Zaap, Nottingham, again

My first experience of Zaap was a bit mixed and the team kindly offered us a couple of vouchers to use on our next visit in recompense. We appreciated the gesture and so last Sunday, abandoned the traditional Sunday lunch and went a bit street food instead, and this time we were really glad we did.


The place was packed and the lively, chaotic décor, designed to give a flavour of the Maeklong Railway, with Tuk Tuks, market stalls, and even a full blown train coming down the tracks was brought to life by so many full tables and animated conversations.

image     image     image

The daughter hit the Chai Bubble Tea and the husband and I had the Chang and Beerlao. Bubble tea – I know a lot of people love it, in fact the daughter dragged me all the way to Soho last summer just to try out Bubblicious. But no, just no, I cannot get this stuff – chewy tapioca in a cold brew – no thanks. Still, the daughter loved this version and we enjoyed the beer. Both were good, the Beerlao had the edge for me.

I loved my Kra Jeab Tod/Pak Tod – Okra and mixed vegetables deep fried in batter (what’s not to like?), hot and light, the husband enjoyed his Look Chin Tod  – deep-fried chicken and fish balls on skewers, the daughter wasn’t too keen on the texture of these, but we thought they were good. The Tod Mun Khow Phod – deep fried corn cakes – were wonderful, hot and sweet  – but very filling for a starter, two would probably have covered it.

For mains, I had the Stir Fried “Morning Glory” with oyster sauce, garlic and chilli with crispy belly pork. This was a truly tasty dish. I have one small complaint, it arrived first and was pretty lukewarm and the pork belly was nice but it wasn’t crispy. By the time the other two dishes arrived, mine really was pretty much cold. However, the rice was still warm and the dish was tasty enough (especially the oyster sauce) for me to eat the lot in any event. The daughter’s Kanom Jeeb (steamed dumplings stuffed with pork and chicken) were absolutely delicious, light, tasty, sticky and really satisfying. The Pad Kee Mao with pork – spicy stir fried rice noodle with basil and vegetable, was very good and the husband polished off the lot.

We shared deserts – Ripe Mango with sweetened sticky rice and Glouy Tod, described as a “street snack you shouldn’t miss” – deep fried banana in a sweet crispy batter with sesame seeds. The Sticky Rice was lovely, the deep fried banana was………..sublime, absolutely, totally delicious. That was Sunday, today is Wednesday and I am still thinking about it.

Thank you Zaap, for the vouchers towards this meal, we appreciated the gesture, apart from the minor point on my main dish, the food was really pretty good indeed, my reservations about the place have been assuaged and if you are passing along the delightful Maid Marion way, take a detour and enjoy a bit of Thai food, street-style




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