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Keeping hens and how to poach an egg…no really.

Keeping chickens is just so rewarding. They do tend to trash your garden (if they free-range as ours do) admittedly, and we do lose the odd one to the local foxes, but watching them scratching about, racing around at the sound of us opening the back door to see if  some tasty snack is available (grapes and lettuce being enough to induce chicken hysteria) and bobbing up at the windows eyeing you curiously, adds such simple pleasure to the garden.


And then there’s the eggs. You can’t beat your own fresh eggs. And while I’m on… know all that “here’s a foolproof way to poach an egg” stuff you get on line? Poach it in cling film, buy a poaching pod or pan (which let me just say is coddling an egg not poaching it…) add vinegar, swirl the water, add some magic beans (I made that bit up obvs) that kind of thing? Well, here’s the truly foolproof way:-

Walk to coop, take fresh egg (maybe still warm), boil pan of water, crack egg in, cook for few mins according to preference. Remove with slotted spoon. Eat.

No egg poaches like a truly fresh egg.


I know some places forbid the keeping of hens, and for some there just isn’t the space, but if you can own a few birds, I strongly recommend you give it a go. But be warned, it can be addictive!




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