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Unforgivably neglected Old Fashioned Puddings

Last Autumn we visited the Melton Mowbray Food Festival, one of the few food festivals in this region that is really worth the effort to visit and doesn’t charge you a small fortune for the privilege of traipsing around a few stalls by the usual suspects, many of them resentful at giving out free samples (I have a thing about this, dear reader).  Anyway, we came home with bumper haul and some of it, inevitably, ended up in the freezer.


Fast forward to last Sunday and a traditional family Sunday lunch. Having got up at the crack of dawn to get my pork shoulder in the oven to slow roast for 5 hours, I felt justified in not doing a pudding too and instead rooted around in the bottom of the freezer for the two Old Fashioned Pudding Company puddings I knew had been languishing there since September.


The puddings (once defrosted) can be steamed (40 mins) or microwaved for 2 mins. I went with the 2 mins I’m afraid. They did look a bit sorry for themselves with their pretty cardboard boxes tied up with parcel string and rustic labels all covered in frost. But not to worry, I thought, lashings of custard will hide a multitude of sins.


We had the Toffee and the Lemon Curd and, rather insanely, I decided to serve them both on the same platter. Not a good idea from an aesthetic point of view as you can see from the pictures (sorry about that!), but it made no difference to the taste..


Despite these wonderful hand-made puddings being unforgivably neglected for way too long…..they were delightful. I think if I had steamed them they would have been marginally lighter, but given they had been frozen for 6 months, they were absolutely delicious. Everyone loved them and we polished the whole lot off.

The Old Fashioned Pudding people now have a website and a fabulous selection. Treat yourself, I will definitely be buying more – and I won’t be leaving them unloved in the freezer this time.

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