Little Bites of Food
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I’m eggshausted…

We have a glut so I have been on a bit of promotional tour (boxing up eggs and giving them away/selling them). To be fair, before I had chickens I would have loved a box of organic eggs, from happy free-range  chickens that spend their days trashing the garden and grubbing up worms, and most people seem to feel the same. A box of eggs always raises a smile, I wonder if there is something “back to nature” about it all.

image   image

Anyway, this mild winter has meant that our hens have not stopped laying and we have been stacking them up, despite my valiant attempts to make tarts, cakes, omelettes, pancakes, egg sandwiches and goodness knows what else to use them up. The ladies responsibility for this cornucopia Lily, Nugget, Alice and Cruella won’t stay still long enough to photographed but that is my mission when I can get out in the garden again.   image    image   image

image   image


Boiled egg   eggs

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