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More freezer gems

Another food festival find was recovered from the bottom of my freezer this week. Creamy Black Truffle sauce from The Sauce Queen. I usually make my own sauces (natch 🙄) but was tempted to buy a couple of these after tasting samples at the food fair (you see, suppliers….it is worth offering free samples…..so bloody annoying when suppliers pitch up but resent giving a free taste of the product). There is still another lurking somewhere so I will need to dig it out.

Anyway, the sauce seemed to have suffered no harm nestled in ice at the bottom of the freezer for 4 months and we had it with the husband’s “go to” supper, steak and chips with petit pois (the container also suggests the sauce can be poured  over pasta).

Let me just say that if you don’t like truffle then this sauce is not for you. I bunged  a few sautéed mushrooms in the sauce thinking it might have just a hint of truffle and might need a bit of help. I was wrong. This sauce is strong…..rich, creamy and very flavoursome, but a very strong taste of truffle. This is good, don’t get me wrong, but it is not a cream sauce with a hint of truffle, it is a full on, full frontal truffle sauce with cream.


We loved it, perfect with the sirloin steak and I can see it would work well with any dish that you want an intense mushroom flavour in, stroganoff say. Right, I’m off to root around the freezer to find the other one.

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