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Wearing my Invisibility Cloak to the Curious Manor

I don’t like to take to my blog to complain about places without having given the offending bar, restaurant, shop etc the chance to put things right. When I got home from town a couple of weeks ago, I was so furious at my treatment at the Curious Manor that I was prepared to make an exception. I sat down and wrote a long, detailed, and no holds barred post on what happened.

Having reached a certain age (and this is relevant given that my “certain age” no doubt accounted in no small part for the service I received) I have learnt that it is usually wise to sleep on such posts/emails etc before sending and, as, since then, The Curious Manor has apologised for the service I received, tell me they have spoken to the member of staff involved and have offered to make amends, I have, on reflection decided not to post my original draft.

But, as it something of an apocryphal tale, about women, age, rudeness, customer service and moments in time when you realise something just happened, I will give you the gist of it and leave you to draw your own conclusions as to how I felt as a result.

You know, women of a certain age will often bemoan the fact that they have become “invisible” particularly that they have become invisible to young people, and even more annoyingly to some good looking young lad we clock and still think we might have a chance with, only to realise that if he sees you at all, he’s thinking “Christ, that reminds me, I must get my mother a birthday card” or something similar. 😂😂

However, I have never been overtly ignored as a paying customer by a member of professional waiting staff, which is what happened here. I will keep it brief…….essentially whilst standing right in front of the Front  of House guy trying to order and pay, he wilfully ignored me in favour of some vitally important fiddling about with something behind the till and then, when a rather lovely young lady walked in the door behind me, proceeded to talk straight over my head (and I am nearly 6 ft in my heels!) to deal with her, despite, I might add, the lovely young lady suggesting he should serve me first, which he dismissed in favour of entering into a full blown conversation with her, leaning around me.

Er, hello?? I am actually still here. Right in front of you…

Then I realised! Of course. Silly me. I had come out in my Invisibility Cloak. Poor lad obviously couldn’t see me, no wonder he was ignoring me and talking over me. This must absolutely have been the case because even when said young lady left with her borrowed step ladders (yep) and I had sat back down, he still couldn’t see me as he brushed passed to deal with some other pressing matter upstairs. Needless to say, we did not stay for lunch.

Stuff happens in restaurants, I know. Poor customer service is pretty unforgivable though, and, bear in mind, this is a much abbreviated version of what happened. Still, Curious Manor have done as much as I can reasonably expect to put it right and I am grateful for that.

So maybe this is as much about me as about Mr Front of House. I am still smarting, but I’ve moved on.  We will return to the Curious Manor as I really want to like this place, I will make sure I leave my Invisibility Cloak at home and perhaps try a red, sequinned basque with gold nipple tassels instead 🙈


  1. I was going to make a serious comment about age and invisibility, but after reading the last line I need to go and a have a sit down with a cup of calming tea. 😉

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