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A bit Souless at Soulville

If you had chance to take a look at my post on the Curious Manor, you will understand why we found ourselves on a cold February lunchtime in Nottingham city centre with nowhere for Sunday Lunch. Everywhere we wanted to eat (unsurprisingly) at 1pm on Sunday was full and had waits of up to or over an hour. It is fabulous that the city centre restaurant offer is so busy on a Sunday, and is testimony to how exciting the food offer is….but we took little satisfaction from that as I was a) seething from the Curious Manor incident and b) starving

So, we pitched up to the Soulville Steakhouse, who could take us there and then as walk-ins. I think there are two of these Steakhouses  – one in Chesterfield (which it dawned on me we had actually eaten at on some family occasion several years ago) and one in Nottingham.


What can I say? we were grateful for somewhere warm and we were starving. The very friendly and helpful staff showed us upstairs (via a vertigious spiral staircase that I would not wish to tackle after a few drinks) and sat us in a rather dim corner at the rear of the (pretty large) first floor.


I am not going to say a lot about the food… suffice to say the Husband had the BBQ Babyback Ribs…served with “char-grilled” corn on the cob and homemade crunchy colelsaw.


I had the Creole Chicken,  described as being fried in a dark and spicy creole batter, with the same coleslaw and corn on the cob.


The Ribs were ok, the chicken was battered, deep fried chicken (so you kind of know what you’re getting there – no sense of any Creole spice though).

The Coleslaw was okay, the corn on the cob was really rather unpleasant (was this bought pre-cooked and vacuum packed, microwaved and then stuck on a griddle? I think so) and was left uneaten.

All I will say is that I think the Soulville Steakhouse has been somewhat overtaken by the amazing new BBQ  and US Gourmet Burger style places that have proliferated over the last few years. It feels tired, inauthentic, and lacking in a bit of Soul, and the food quality really doesn’t cut it. The prices are not excessive and the staff were very nice, pleasant, efficient and welcoming (which was an improvement on the place we had just left).

That’s probably about it.

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