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Bonzai, Nottingham, always a pleasure.

So, here’s the thing. Life has been complicated these last few weeks and my blogging has taken a bit of a hit as a result. I am now trying to catch up and it is at this point you realise that all the good advice you give yourself about taking a picture of the menu and noting down the dishes, is actually really rather good advice. And did I follow this advice? Nope.

With a German student staying with us for the weekend we headed out for a Sunday lunch treat. I had, in fact, stocked the house up with meat, thinking English sausages might feature on the menu. When I asked my daughter if our guest had any dietary requirements she replied “no, no she eats anything, oh, except meat” 🙄

So here’s a quick run through of our super lunch at Bonzai-  with apologies for the fact that I can’t actually give you the names of much of what we ate….



We started with a simple vegetable tempura, light, crispy and delicious. The daughter had, (I think) pumpkin croquettes or something similar. She loved them, crispy outside, hot and soft inside. She washed this down an Aloe Vera drink (bit like drinking shower gel in my view, but she enjoyed it)


Our German guest opted for a vegetarian Bento box, accompanied by Miso soup. The prawns were particularly delicious and the Guest polished off the entire box so I am guessing it was all good.

 The Daughter opted for a Salmon Rice Bowl, as espied being consumed on the table next to us. It looked amazing, the salmon was beautiful and melted in the mouth (it was huge though so be hungry if you order this).

 The Husband also chose a Bento box. Such a good idea when you can’t make a single choice. I am pretty sure the fish was mackerel. He declared it was all lovely, and the dumplings were sublime (I can vouch for this as well). Personally, I can take or leave the deep-fried bean curd option, bit like eating soap. However, this is me, not the restaurant, clearly.

 I went for Chicken Katso type curry (clearly, can’t remember the actual name). It was nice, actually very nice, but I wish I had gone for the Bento box option as they really were delicious.


On a roll, we decided to ask for a Japanese sweet. There was really only ice cream on the menu but they promised to rustle us up something. This “something” was pancakes stuffed with some sort of semi-sweet red bean curd. I don’t think I ever knew the name of it, if, indeed, it has one, but no matter as I most definitely won’t be recommending it….

Apart from our diversion from the menu for dessert, the food at Bonzai was, as usual, very good. We have been to this little place several times and never had a poor experience, or poor service. If you find yourself in Hockley you could do worse than pop on.


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