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Don’t think I’ll be “rubbing my selfie” again in a hurry 😳

Easter this year, for reasons I won’t bore you with, was an unusual one. It was because of this, that we found ourselves eating our Easter Sunday lunch at Rub Smokehouse and Bar – whose eponymous hashtag is   “rubyourselfie” if you were wondering…

We had been meaning to go here for ages, the many blogged and twittered pictures of giant juicy burgers and gushing reviews had tempted us and after an excellent experience at Red’s True Barbecue we thought, well, if we can’t do tradition, we can, at least, indulge in a post-Lenten meatfest.


Well, what happened? Perhaps Easter Sunday wasn’t the best choice of days, but, hey, if you’re open then you’re still serving your best yes?  The place was reasonably busy, not packed, but a healthy 2/3 full I’d say. It took a while to take our drinks order and a couple of apologies for the tardiness before they arrived and we ordered our food. But then the food arrived in about 4 minutes! I kid you not. How on earth is that possible, unless everything is already pretty much plated up and waiting?


The daughter had a pulled pork roll, (again …*sighs*) accompanied by a bowl of Crackling. The crackling was enormous and I didn’t trust my teeth to survive more than the slightest nibble, the daughter had a go but it really wasn’t all that tasty and the pot of ready made apple sauce didn’t add much. Still, it complemented the same sauce on the pulled pork roll…. The  bun at the bottom and the pork morphed into a bit of a soggy mess at the end of the dish, but for all that, the daughter had no complaints about her Roll and declared that she enjoyed it.


The husband had the full rack of slow smoked ribs with a side of sweetcorn. To be fair he loved them, but the scale of the dish defeated even him, you need to be hungry to eat here. The sweetcorn though……appeared once again pre-cooked, pre-packed & reheated. Same as we had at Souville. Not good enough. It was left on the plate in its entirety. How difficult is freshly cooked sweetcorn? We grow our own at home, freeze entire cobs raw and then cook & they are perfect, why can’t this be the case in restaurants?


I decided to to live on the edge and forked out the £19.95 for the Epic Burnt Ends Burger, “16hr rubbed brisket cooked slow over hickory, between 2 burgers with an aged cheese sauce & fried pickles”.


I knew it would be huge and fully expected to ask for a box to take half of it home, but….the brioche bun was a bit on the dry side, the burnt ends were indeed burnt, but they were also hard and so dry I could barely chew them. The burgers were overcooked and crumbly and were the pickles fried? They just seemed hot and soggy to me,  The fries were barely warm and slightly limp. I ate maybe 4 mouthfuls and left the rest.

Four mouthfuls, £20 quid.

What astonished me is despite the amount of food left on the plates the server who removed them never even asked if everything had been ok, as clearly it hadn’t been.


In an effort to retrieve my bit of the meal we opted for some cocktails, the daughter had something blue with a snow cone on it and I had, I think, an Austin Oil Slick or something. They took an age and several apologies to turn up, but they were absolutely delicious when they did.

We didn’t send the food back because a) I suspect any replacement would have been the same and b) it was Easter Sunday. Maybe this place is just not for me, but at 20 quid for a dry burger, I won’t be going back. What a disappointment.

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