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Poke at Black Roe, Mayfair

Well, I won a Twitter competition. I have won a few things on Twitter, a couple of books, some vouchers. This time I won the opportunity to join Black Roe in London’s Mayfair for a tasting evening. So, here’s the thing, I wasn’t able to attend on the evening due to a family illness so I thanked Black Roe and suggested they offer the prize to someone else. They didn’t take me up on that but instead offered us a complementary meal in April. And so it was that we headed to London last week for a bit of shopping, to check out my Daughter’s work placement, mooch around Borough Market and enjoy lunch at Black Roe. A big, big, thankyou to Black Roe for generously extending the prize to include all 3 of us.


Black Roe is a Poke restaurant (no, I didn’t know either…. it is pronounced “pokey” btw). Poke is a traditional Hawaiian raw fish salad and Black Roe has its own dedicated Poke bar where the chef prepares the fish from whole. If you are not a raw fish fan (and here I need to ‘fess up – I am not,) there are plenty of other Pacific Rim dishes on the menu….


Anyway, the husband started with the Chef’s choice of 3 Poke dishes including salmon & scallops, served on a rice base with delicious sauces and herbs, with great combinations of flavours  – lots of citrus cutting through the fish. The husband & daughter ate the lot (and the portions were pretty generous) and I finished off the eponymous black roe (not sure which fish it was from but there were the sweetest poppiest little fish eggs I’ve had since I was in Russia some decades ago…)



The daughter chose asparagus tempura with a salsa and truffle aioli, which was fresh and light (although with 9 large asparagus stalks we had to pace ourselves for fear we wouldn’t get through the rest of the menu).


My crab and prawn pot-sticker dumplings were fantastic – dumplings can be a bit variable in my experience, I can’t be doing with the really soft, claggy (yes, that is a technical term) types that stick to the roof of your mouth. These were superb.


I chose the Monkfish with Tiger Prawns with a citrus salsa for the main course. A huge portion of charred prawns and melt-in-the-mouth fish. It nearly defeated me.

image image

The Husband had Cajun Style blackened SeaBass with an astonishingly good pineapple salsa.The daughter went for Kalua Pork Belly with a mirto puree  and apple salsa – she loved it, even though none of us had any room left, we helped her to finish it…………


And can I just say here that the side salads which came with the mains were…………astonishingly good, as well as beautiful.


We rounded the meal off with a shared, light and refreshing Yuzu sorbet (we simply had no room for more food).

We accompanied our meal with several delightful cocktails – mine with gin and absinthe (to which I am becoming increasingly partial – see my experience at the Loom..), the daughter’s mocktail with strawberry.


Black Roe is hidden a bit on Mill Street, off Regent’s Street, next to a lovely old church, (that was one of those London moments, of which there are so many, when you walk somewhere and come across some wonderful historical reference or delightful building or courtyard that you had no idea was there.)


We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch, and were astonished to find that when we came to pay for the drinks, they were also on the house. Can’t thank Black Roe enough for their generosity and fabulous – and new to me – food. We’ll definitely be back (but obviously with a purse this time). And if you ever find yourself mooching about Regent’s Street, pop around the back to Mill Street for a taste of the Pacific Rim (was so childishly tempted to say Poke here, but no, I will resist).


  1. This is definitely on my hit-list… I’m a huge fan of sashimi and ceviches so poke is also right up my alley, though I’ve never been to a restaurant where poke is the focus! Yum!!!

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