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Butcher’s Steakhouse and Bar, Long Eaton, yep, Long Eaton

I’ve got nothing against Long Eaton, let me just say. I even have family there or thereabouts, but I would, I’m afraid, never, never have considered it a foodie destination. Until now.


Butcher’s is a pretty upmarket steak house & cocktail bar, located in a fabulously renovated (presumably Victorian?) warehouse on a rather insalubrious back street in Long Eaton opposite a partly demolished former something or other. Although, the bright side of the location is that there is on-road parking and a pay & display a stone’s throw from the venue….and anyway once inside the distressed wood and industrial chic interior you can’t see out of the windows .

We arrived at half 12 on a Saturday lunch and we were the only customers there, and remained so for nearly an hour until another table of 3 turned up.  I really, really, hope this was an aberration and not typical for a Saturday lunch (although they were full with 120 covers for the evening and so I guess that helps make up for it).


The husband had the good sense to ask about portion sizes before we decided on starters or whether to go straight to mains. When asked if they were “gargantuan” (as so many places now are) our server suggested “not quite”. Let me reassure you, dear reader, by my standards they are indeed gargantuan and I would suggest you need to be very hungry to eat here.


We opted for a single starter to share. This should have served as a warning, as when it arrived I did ask if they realised we only wanted a started for one, not three. Yes, they said, this is for one. Yep.


It was very tasty but honestly, if I had had that as my own starter it would have constituted a full lunch.


The daughter went for the 60/20/20 Burger, 3 cuts of prime beef, cooked medium with cheese, bacon etc. Beautifully cooked and nice and pink (glad this is still allowed…) and she declared it great.

The Husband went for the 12oz rib-eye, cooked rare with a pepper sauce. To my eyes this steak was “blue” but, hey I am a medium kind of girl so what do I know. He managed almost all of it.

My light lunch was Roast Bones, 24 hour Beef short rib served with scallion mash and charred greens, with a rich smoky sauce. Well, what can I say? This is the largest meal I have ever been served, the photos don’t do justice to the half a cow that was nestled on a pile of creamy smooth mash. I felt like Fred Flinstone, honestly. The meat fell of the bone, the mash was superb and the veg cooked perfectly. I managed, say, a third, if that, and had to ask that the rest of the meat (honestly, there was still about £12’s worth left on the plate) be wrapped up to take home! Disgraceful I know.


Butcher’s is well worth a special trip out to Long Eaton. It isn’t cheap (£76 for lunch for 3), but it is excellent. I really hope that Long Eatonions will support this venture and provide enough custom often enough to make it work. But still, if not, you could easily move this to any city centre and make a killing. Great place.




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