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Sunday morning coffee…maybe!

I was, once upon a time, a confirmed coffee drinker, I rarely touched tea, except possibly a mug of Builder’s with a fish supper but after a reaction to some medicine I was on a year ago, I lost my taste for coffee and now go weeks or months without touching a drop, incidently saving a small fortune on Nespresso capsules.


Well, following this admission, the lovely people at PerkuLatte, offered to try to persuade me to revisit coffee. PerkuLatte deliver Artisan coffees by mail order, and when this arrived the aroma was wonderful even before I opened the pack. Beautifully packaged in a robust, reseable, packet with a little widget inside to keep the coffee fresh & dry and lots of information about the bean, blend and origins.

The smell was wonderful and the flavour smooth & comforting, and brought back memories of coffees lost. I enjoyed my first cafetière of coffee in months  (retrieved from the dusty recesses of the kitchen cupboard) and it made a proper Sunday. I think this may become a regular feature of my weekends.

If you are a coffee lover, rather than a part-timer like me, you might want to check this company out.

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