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Backyard Pizza Oven – finally!

I have dreamt of a pizza oven in our back garden for years. I placed it on the husband’s “to do” list about 10 years ago. Every time, here or abroad, I spotted a traditional wood-burning pizza oven I would drop unsubtle hints and be promised one for the following summer. In the end, with no sign of the pizza oven materialising, I changed tack and put the Finnish-designed Uuni 2 wood-fired oven on my Christmas list. Yep, my Christmas list. That’ll throw him, I thought.


So finally this weekend was warm enough to get my pizza oven out and learn how to drive it. It isn’t the home-made traditional oven I had originally envisaged, but this is nonetheless a thing of beauty and, finally, I have a pizza oven in the back garden.

My first attempts were simple – home-made pizza dough with a tomato base, mozzarella, few chillies, Italian salami and fresh basil, some with a few peppers. It took a bit of mastering to get the flames inside large enough to ensure the pizza is cooked evenly – turning it round halfway through is a bit of a faff otherwise – and to get the timings right. But ultimately we produced the best pizza we had eaten since last in Italy. Absolutely fantastic – a lot less hassle than a traditional BBQ and so lovely to be sitting out on a beautiful, warm, sunny May evening in an English garden eating fresh pizza.


I think the Uuni is a fairly priced, excellent alternative to a husband who never gets round to building a traditional wood-fired oven for you. Put one on your Christmas list!

I used a Jamie Oliver everyday pizza dough recipe (with 00 flour) and it was simple and perfect.


  1. Well, can’t say for sure what temp it got to, and tbf was probably more like 15 mins, but it was fast and it definitely did the job. I need more practice as that was first attempt, but we were pretty impressed!

  2. Fifteen minutes is is still a lot quicker than the traditional oven we have on the farm! It takes us hours to get that hot. 😉

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