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Bit of a Street-Food vibe in Sneinton

We spent a a couple of hours enjoying the spring sunshine in Sneinton a few weekends ago, not something I usually do. Sneinton hasn’t really been a “go to”  destination for many years, not since the old market traders’ pub, the Peggars Inn, stopped opening at 4am. However, the old market place and its buildings have recently been renovated and absorbed into the City’s “Cultural Quarter”, the sun was out and the Travelling Gastronomers’ pop-up street food market had arrived.

image  image  image

The Travelling Gastronomers is the brainchild of two friends from London (see my chat with them on the Great Food Club website whose ambition is to recreate the London street-food vibe in smaller towns and cities across England.

image  image  image

There were 17 traders at the event – which is free (it is a market and not a food festival…) as well as a pop-up stage with live music and a bar selling local beers and ciders.

Stall holders were still setting up when we arrived and, as we had deliberately avoided breakfast, we were starving and the only food ready to eat when we arrived was Bombay Tapas, not that I am complaining, but I wouldn’t usually start with Samosas for breakfast, but I did and they were absolutely delicious, hot, crispy and spicy.


Next stop was Dim Sum Su, I was craving the traditional Pork and Prawn Wontons. Unfortunately none were ready, so I had to wait and go back. I waited, went back, waited again, went back, waited again and then, finally, they were ready. He must have thought I was slightly eccentric, or obsessed with wontons (both of these things might be correct). The wantons were worth the wait, I think I might be going through a phase.


In any event, I can recommend Dim Sum Su, even if you don’t want to be in hurry.  So good, in fact, was this food that I went back for a Slow Cooked Belly Pork Bao.


We took home a cache of superb Hartland Pies’ scotch eggs and sausage rolls for dinner.


I wish this new pop-up market the best of luck, it had a great atmosphere and some lovely food options – perfect for a couple of hours on a Sunday. It attracted a good, diverse crowd  – families, students, couples, lots of locals – and bought this slightly neglected part of the town to life. The Gastronomers will be back monthly over the summer, and so, I suspect, will we.

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