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A rather lovely day, eating and drinking at Nottingham Castle

I should be a total Food Festival fanatic, and indeed I probably am. Certainly, the daughter rolls her eyes to the heavens whenever we are about to plan a weekend foray to one. Well, actually, I don’t think I am fanatical about anything, but I do, or rather did, rather enjoy festivals. So many have sprung up over recent years though, and I have suffered so many expensive disappointments that I am much more discerning about where I will go and what I am prepared to pay. It is simply not good enough to charge people entry, and/or charge them to park their cars (in places where there is no alternative means of getting there) and then present them with a handful of pickle sellers and someone making 3D cards.

image image image

However, the Nottingham Festival of Food and Drink has joined the likes of the Melton Mowbray Food Festival in the “yes this is well worth a visit category”. So we headed over to the Castle on what promised to be (and eventually became) a lovely sunny Bank Holiday Sunday. I know the Castle isn’t really a Castle, but it still provided a pretty lovely setting for the Festival, with stands and marquees on different levels, nestled between the trees or up on the lawns, with live music in the Bandstand.


Plenty of stalls, some great guests in the tents – this year including Tom Kerridge and Nadiya Hussain – if you like that sort of thing.

image image

At £10 a head for entry on the door, it is pretty much at the top end of what I am prepared to pay to enter a place where I am going to spend more money, but with the quality layout, the full “tent” agenda, plenty of stalls, live music and a range of bars, I’d say it was fair enough.


I am not going to go on too much about the food, partly because my photos are not great and don’t do it much justice, but also because it gets a bit repetitive. So I’ll just give you quick overview….

 image  image

The husband went pretty much traditional with his (oh so attractive) German Sausage. It was grilled over coals so was a class above your average – but still way too much bread.


I went with a Thai starter mix – I really wanted to eat at Thaikhun’s pop-up restaurant but I thought, no, in the interests of blogging I will try somewhere else. Wish I hadn’t. Pre-made, deep fried, not very nice. The cucumber mix was okay though.

Italian Cheese

I was sorely tempted by the Italian Cheese cone, and really enjoyed it – great idea to walk around with and you can actually eat and walk. Was a LOT of cheese to consume, mind you, and left me no space for the planned Churros.

image  image image

We left with some Hartland Pies Scotch eggs, some fabulous bread, strawberries and smoked Brie. All in all, a lovely afternoon and this is one food festival I really would recommend.

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