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Meatballs or….meatballs?

We ate at this quirky little cafe and deli on the High Road in Beeston recently. Odin’s table is a new venture by a couple, one Swedish, one English who previously worked in IT. It had only been open a week when we stopped by, so still very much finding its feet. Having lived in Finland for several years, I was keen to try out a bit of Scandinavian food as (apart from Ikea…) there aren’t many opportunities to do so locally.


The couple make all their own cakes and bread and meatballs. I love meatballs – and these were particularly delicious – and they were pretty much the only hot item on the menu. You could have the option of a bowl of 5 or 10 hot meatballs with Lingonberry or cold meatballs with bread or a beetroot salad, or an option for bread with Swedish Cheese, and then they had a range of Scandinavia cakes and bakes (and some vegan sausage options). I think you might say it is a fairly paired down menu….


Different days will have different food themes as the couple build up their experience of running a cafe but for now, it is pretty much all meatballs.


That said, they are damn good meatballs, the Husband enjoyed his hot with some stunning bread, and I went with the cold meatballs and beetroot salad, which was very enjoyable.  Along with a couple of cans of naturally flavoured Swedish sparkling water lunch came to about £12, so definitely value for money.  I spent another £10 on Swedish cheese and salt liquorice to take home.

I really liked this unique little place and I hope it will be a success. We will pop back in a few weeks and see if they have added some more Scandinavian treats to the menu.



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