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Get this. Padella – handmade, delicious & affordable pasta – yep, affordable London

If I had a set of drums, I’d do a drumroll before starting this post, or possibly a trumpet fanfare, if I had one of them. Probably fortunately, I don’t have either. Why the excitement? Affordable (yes, properly, really, genuinely, affordable), delicious, authentic, handmade pasta in Southwark.


Padella is situated just at the entrance of Borough Market, it doesn’t take bookings but is open all day, so if, like us, you pitch up outside peak hours, you don’t have long to wait (10 mins in our case).There is an open kitchen, and bench seating by the window and at the counter, with some tables to the rear. We sat at the window, all the better to watch the world go by, and it certainly does..


The menu is gratifyingly limited, with a handful of starters and main courses and just 3 desserts. The portions are perfectly judged, I am fed up with being served so much food that I have to leave half of it, or avoid a starter and sweet simply to make room for the mains, and then feel guilty when my stomach objects to the Foi Gras Goose treatment and I am forced to push half my food to one side to make it look less wasteful. Anyway, I digress.


I chose the Tagliatelle with nduja, marscapone and parsley (why have I not discovered nduja before now??) and the husband went for the Pappardelle with 8-hour Dexter beef shin ragu. The food took a short while to arrive (we were not in a hurry) and the staff were efficient and friendly.


The pasta was sublime. Absolutely perfect mouthfeel, beautifully seasoned, and rich in flavour. My spicy nduja was just hot enough to give me a thrill without blanking out the delicate pasta, the balance of parmesan (comes as a given unless you request otherwise) was just right. The husband’s ragu was rich, sensual and comforting. This is possibly, actually no, this is the best pasta I have eaten outside Italy. And get this…

My main was £5.50 and the husband’s was £9.

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