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A Proper Sunday Lunch

I have a confession to make, I make a damn decent Sunday lunch. Yep, even if I do say so myself. Such has been my disappointment with the traditional pub Sunday Lunch that I can honestly say it must be upwards of 5 years since I last forced myself through the ritual of eating tough beef, dry chicken and a plate loaded with steamed and tasteless veg (or worse a melange of boiled, unseasoned veg served alongside in ceramic bowl which will inevitably be returned to the kitchen, untouched, in exactly the same state as it arrived) swamped in gravy and with a Yorkshire Pudding plopped on top, regardless of the meat below. No, I don’t like pub Sunday Lunches. Love the idea of them, but the reality is usually a huge  disappointment.

Well, I am here to report that a couple of weeks ago, I decided to tip my toe in the “Traditional Sunday Lunch in a pub is Never as Good as I Make at Home” club again, and venture to our Local, fairly recently under new ownership and advertising an emphasis on relaxed dining. The husband went for the salmon and cod fishcakes, the daughter and I decided that “in for a penny, in for a pound” if you are going for a Sunday Lunch, we’ll go full on  – Roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding.


The plates certainly did come piled high, but at least you could see the individual elements of the meal, the gravy was generously there but it was a rich, dark and satisfying. The Yorkshire was crisp, the beef was good and didn’t require the usual force that beef that cannot be served rare requires and, yes, the veg was flavoursome! I am not kidding, the cauliflower was rich and creamy, the peas and beans salted and al dente, the carrots tasty. For me, I would have held off on the red cabbage as I am not a fan, and not sure it belongs on my Sunday lunch plate, but then, I don’t even eat it at Christmas. It was a really good meal. I didn’t clear the whole plate but I was still eating when the others  had finished and indeed, my enthusiasm was remarked upon – as I usually give up after a few mouthfuls and start chuntering on about wishing I had stayed at home.


The husband enjoyed his fishcakes (although the scale defeated him too) and he  won’t admit it but I know he looked enviously at our Roast Beef. So, I  never thought I would say it, but if you fancy a good Sunday Lunch, even if you can cook one yourself, grab your coat and head over to the Chestnut in Radcliffe on Trent.

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