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Can you guess what this is?

Now, I don’t like to use my blog to criticise a place, I know how tough it is to run a restaurant – I would generally not bother to say anything, unless there was some heinous occurrence, bad customer service (for which no excuse) or full on food poisoning (proved of course). So I am going to provide you with an anonymous review. What is the point I hear you ask?  if we don’t know where it is, we can’t avoid it!  I know this, but I didn’t get to avoid it either, and I had looked at Trip Advisor first (I know, I know..). Anyway I am sharing this little blog post with you just for the hell of it.

So we went to a gastro-pub, in a neighboring county. Lovely place (well, lovely setting, by a river). The sun was shining, the birds were singing. Not offered the alternative of eating outside with a bar menu, we had been booked into the dining room. Which was quite large, and completely empty. It was dark wood and dark red. Gloomy, even on a sunny day, and shall we say in a “traditional” style –  if 1970s is traditional.


A couple of builders shuffled through the room in their work gear to get to some job outside. A woman, (hopefully) staff, ambled in as we were waiting for someone to take our drinks order, prodded a till and shuffled off again. She did smile at us, but didn’t seem to think that we might have smiled at her in an effort to get some service, perhaps she wasn’t staff after all? Eventually, after I chased  (the perfectly pleasant but painfully slow) server, we got food menus, but no drinks menus (so we helped ourselves, as there was no one else in the dining room and no staff). We did eventually order drinks, and food, from an incredibly unadventurous menu (too large to believe it could all be cooked fresh daily and to order) and it did, eventually, arrive. The builders ambled back though the dining room and then into the kitchen (in their work gear and boots, properly splatted with paint and dust).


The food? well, if you haven’t worked it out yet, mine was the gammon with caramelised pineapple, (yes, that is what is in the photo at the top) the “rare” duck (they had warned us to expect that it would be pink – if that was okay?) was cooked all the way through by the time the second bite had been had. The risotto was apparently “ok”. I think I won. With a beer and 2 glasses of wine – £66.

No, I’m not telling you where it was. But I recommend you avoid it.



  1. Yes, the negative review is a problem for me too – one reason I’m not a food blogger.

    I was close – I identified the meat as gammon (after a second look) and guessed the stuff on top must be pineapple. I got the risotto in one – the pea shoots told me it couldn’t be rice pudding. The stuff with gravy in the third picture was a bit trickier. I got gravy and greens.

    As for the winner – at £66 I think the restaurant won.

    That’s another reason I’m not a food blogger – I expect 6 meals for £66!

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