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Sunday Lunch at The “Old Vol”, Caythorpe

Well, well, another great pub. Thinking I am on a bit of a roll here and it must all go horribly wrong before much longer.


Still for now, we visited the lovely Old Volunteer in Caythorpe with the FWH for Father’s Day. The pub is set in the pretty village of Caythorpe in the heart of the Nottinghamshire Countryside and within striking distance of some great walks along the Trent.

As it was Father’s Day it was extremely busy, inside and out (weather was good) and the service was a masterclass in organisation (with the aid of technology – earpieces for the staff and communications with the kitchen – pretty impressive operation for a village pub). Jo, the landlady greeted every guest individually whilst simultaneously coordinating the food and the staff as well as noticing any slip in service (and making known she had spotted it…..), and even when I began to make a move on ordering my gravy on the side (as I had forgotten to ask when I first ordered) she was on it without a blink. In fact, had I not been the driver I could have happily nursed a large glass or two and watched the performance with growing admiration.

Anyway, enough of that, in my ongoing quest for a good pub Sunday Lunch I stuck to my guns and went with the beef. This is my attempt at some sort of scientific comparison, I always choose the beef.


FWD went with the gnocchi. I just can’t get on with gnocchi (even in Italy, yes, I know, I know). Basically she had a bowl of potatoes. But as she loves gnocchi and may even be developing into a bit of an aficionado of this dish, I go with her verdict that it was “great”  (as a teenager, this is about as effusive as we get).


FWH went with the Roast Fillet of Ling wrapped in Bacon, and polished off the lot. This was followed (rather impulsively, I thought) by Treacle Sponge (with extra custard – long story, there is never enough custard, I should take a can of ready-made Ambrosia with me and get the kitchen to drown his sponge in it before serving). Anyway, I forgot to take a photo until it was too late – but it probably tells you all you need to know.


And I, yes, had the beef. Superb meat. There you go, it was actually still pink when it got to me, tender and melt in mouth. The Yorkshire was good, the cauliflower cheese was excellent (and thank you for doing something vaguely interesting with this veg).


Veg is so often an afterthought with a pub Sunday Lunch, usually microwaved and served in some rustic dish on the side, it is unseasoned and generally too much on the al dente side. The veg here was okay, but a bit of butter and salt and pepper would have brought them up to the flavour quality of the rest of the meal. Which was, in fact, actually really rather good. (I said I was on a roll).



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