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Street Food in Greenwich – not everything I ate recently was wonderful.

I didn’t actually know there was a market in Greenwich, so you live and learn. I haven’t been to Greenwich since I was a kid but it still seemed so familiar. I guess those old naval buildings appear in so many films, that you feel you know them, even though I think I was about 10 when I was last there. The Clipper from Bank was fast and with great views of the city in the sunshine, you have to wonder why people don’t commute this way more often.

  IMG_7662     IMG_7663

Anyway, I was here to see a friend, so no time to admire the Cutty Sark apart from a fleeting glance through the glass dome that surrounds the ship’s hull. Great idea – tried hard to convince Plymouth they should so something similar with a copy of the Mayflower once upon a time….anyway enough of that.


Greenwich Market, where I met said friend is a sort of artsy crafty affair, very pretty, lovely atmosphere. Good pub.

It also, I discovered, has the ubiquitous street food bit tucked away. This always makes me happy. As, indeed, did the little gazebo with deckchairs and the TV showing Wimbledon. The sun was shining and the conversation and the beer flowed. Happy days.


However, I am just going to share with you the worst Taco I have ever eaten. Thankfully I just ordered the one and thankfully the FWH ordered a Cuban “sandwich” which was basically grilled cheese and chillies, which always works and is pretty difficult to get wrong.


Somehow, despite me having just seen the vendor pull out the Old El Paso taco shell from its box, it was still soggy on one side when I came to eat it. I am not even sure I know what was in it, I think I asked for chicken, but it was just an unidentifiable mush and, despite my asking for chillies, he had clearly forgotten to add any, so there was nothing to add flavour to the gritty gloop in the shell. And what was the gritty stuff? who knows, did they grind the avocado stone up with the flesh for the guacamole? Anyway it was pretty inedible, and soggy and, and £2.50!!!

 Loved the drink though a Jarritos Mandarin soda (toothachingly sweet, but good nonetheless), and a first for me.

Can’t win them all I guess.


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