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Eating out in London – random musings on the great, the okay and the rest

We had some fabulous food on our recent stay to London, Adam Handling’s The Frog in Spitalfields, Smoking Goat in Soho and the Oystermen in Covent Garden were the highlights. We had some pretty good sushi (I am no expert on this, has to be said) at Eat Tokyo in Camden and a fabulous pizza in Neal’s Yard. All these have their own posts on the blog if you have the time.

We had some not so good stuff – my taco at Greenwich Market was a particular low-light, soggy, gritty and taste free (see separate post).


 and I had a not unpleasant but distinctly underwhelming salt beef brioche in Convent Garden Market.


Popped to a couple of nearby café for breakfasts, I didn’t record the names for posterity and mostly I watched the rest of the FWF eat the food, but we had some decent fry-ups, and I discovered that a  “Liver Breakfast” is a thing. I think this is a fry-up with liver (I’m hazarding a guess here, but for sure most of the cafes in this bit of London served it, so it is clearly a thing).



We had a shockingly expensive croissant and a bowl of granola with yoghurt on High Holborn that could’ve fueled an army, and a bacon sandwich that was served on the thickest slice of bread I  think I have ever seen, imagine a loaf cut in half with bacon inserted (couldn’t manage all the bread, but no complaints about the bacon).

Some really good Chinese food at Canton Element in Camden. Way over-ordered, mind you, leaving us in pretty much a food induced coma at the end.

And a Korean BBQ, at Kimchi also on High Holborn. We just walked into this place on our first night and hadn’t planned it, it was very busy all evening (and every lunchtime and evening that we walked by).

It is clearly popular. But, although there was some great flavours, the meat was tough. I mean I had to give up on chewing the beef as I actually thought I would gag if I tried to swallow it and the pork belly wasn’t much better (both eaten served in lettuce leaves which I love) But how does this happen? Was I just really unlucky (on both dishes?) or am I a poor masticator? I don’t know, but clearly (and I think there were probably lots of repeat customers there) it didn’t seem to bother any one else. FWH loved the mackerel jorim.

It was enough that we wouldn’t return despite the fact that the service was fine, and the décor and presentation of the food was good but, no, just can’t get passed that meat.

And….just in case you are wondering, whilst the FWD was at work, myself and the FWH walked about 20 miles across town as the weather was so lovely so we, kind of, burned it all off..



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