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Oven Baked Dutch Baby Pancakes with roasted plums and cinnamon

I love a good pancake, in fact crêpes, drop scones, Yorkshire puddings, beignets, churros, doughnuts, I am partial to pretty much anything made from batter and to be fair, there isn’t much that can’t be improved by the addition of batter in one form or another. In fact, Nottinghamshire has a long tradition of batter puddings, so I like to think I am upholding the local culinary traditions… In the course of looking for alternative Christmas desserts for an article, I came across these Dutch-style oven-baked pancakes – sort of a cross between a pancake and a Yorkshire pudding. With some seasonal roasted plums (I think rhubarb would work just as well) they make a perfect winter pudding. Serve with some good quality vanilla ice-cream. Oven Baked Dutch Baby Pancakes with roasted Plums and Cinnamon Serves 2 (You will need 2 small cast iron frying pans for this, I actually used a traditional blini pan, which worked perfectly) Ingredients • 20g butter • 2 large eggs • 100ml single cream • 120ml milk • 100g plain flour • 30g golden caster …

Sunday Lunch – hold the red cabbage and don’t pretend your Aunt Bessie didn’t make those Yorkshires.

As you may know, I get properly fed up with poor Sunday Lunches in pubs and, God forbid, “carveries”. So poor had many of these offerings become that I pretty much stopped eating Sunday lunch out, especially since my own version made at home was, even if I do say so myself, pretty damn good. Anyway, in the interests of research I have begun to venture out again on a Sunday, not least because I had a fairly good one in a local pub and, so surprised was I, I decided the time had come to bite that bullet (which pretty much was my former experience of most pub roasts). I always go for beef. I do this because I think it is the hardest to cook well and the hardest to keep well during service. I know, mean eh? Anyway, I am going to give a shout out to two of my local pubs, the Chestnut and the Royal Oak Pub and Kitchen (part of the Moleface Pub group) in Radcliffe on Trent. All …

Pudla by Popular Demand

I made these for supper the other evening and posted the pictures on Twitter. Quite a few people asked for the recipe – so here you are. It is simple to make but a bit of a fiddle. I adapted this from a recipe by Anna Jones in The Dish. Pudla (chickpea pancakes)  – 1 green chilli (finely chopped), Half teaspoon ground coriander, half teaspoon turmeric, small bunch of fresh coriander, roughly chopped, fresh ginger (around thumb-sized) peeled and grated, 250g gram flour. Filling – 1 tablespoons toasted mustard seeds, 1 small butternut squash (grated), 3 spring onions (finely sliced), 3 cloves garlic, finely sliced, half a red chilli, thinly sliced, thumb-sized pice of ginger (peeled and grated) 2 tsp garam masala, sea salt, 150g Paneer cheese, large handful of baby spinach. I also threw in about half a teaspoon of hot “curry powder” that was in my cupboard. To serve – 1 lemon, small bunch of coriander leaves, sliced red chillies, mango chutney, yoghurt. Place all the Pudla ingredients in a blender and blitz …

Fish and Chip Shop Tempura Veg

Anything battered is a hit in our household (the husband is Scottish, I cast no aspersions here but, well, you know..). Over time, my light and hardly noticable Tempura Batter has adapted to meet our domestic tastes, so yes, it is more chip shop than Tokyo but still delicious. Made to a fairly typical recipe, but thicker, just 3oz plain flour, 1 tbsp cornflour, pinch of salt, enough ice-cold sparkling mineral water (or lager beer) with a few ice cubs to form a thick paste like batter (or much thinner if you want to be more authentic) whisk roughly – a few lumps are okay. Fry.

Creamy Coconutty Loveliness

As you know, I wax rather lyrical about Borough Market in London. There are too many gems to write about them all, but being a bit of a pancake aficionado (I know, I haven’t shared much of this hidden talent with you yet…) I had to try these delicious-looking Thai coconut pancakes from Khanom Krok. A bit like Dutch pancakes but soft and creamy rather than crispy. Imagine a small, hot, crispy cup of warm coconutty sweet milk pudding. Yep. Amazing. I need to seek these out again. That’s it.  

Ham Croquetas, is life too short?

I love Croquetas, or croquettes  – if you prefer. They do have that unbeatable mouthfeel thing don’t they? Crispy and crunchy on the outside, hot and creamy inside – an essential addition to your tapas. I have not yet found a shop-bought version that gives you same hit so when I spotted this recipe by José Pizarro in the BBC Good Food magazine. I thought, why not? I can tell you why not…..because they are right fiddle. Delicious, but a time-consuming, right fiddle. Ingredients 75g Plain Flour, 2 large eggs (beaten), 75g breadcrumbs (I used Panko breadcrumbs) For the filling – 4 tablespoons olive oil, 1 small leek very finely diced, 70g Iberico ham (or similar, I used Serrano), 60g plain flour, 75ml ham or veg stock (I used new Oxo Ham stock – fab), 325ml full fat milk, freshly grated nutmeg to taste (I kept it light) Method For the filling, heat the olive oil in a pan until fairly warm, add the leek and sauté until soft, but not browned. Stir in the …

Field to Pot….Slow Roast Lamb

The fields around the house are bucolic at the moment, the sun is out in the English Spring, and the lambs are skipping around, racing each other and bleating madly. It’s like an episode of the Archers, but without the domestic violence. Spring lambs are a joy to behold, but, now be strong, they are only there enjoying the sun because we eat them . This 4 hour pot roast with red wine, chunky carrots, onions and courgettes, Rosemary, garlic and stock, was devine.

Manhattan-style Clam Chowder, tomatoes, no cream..

So reminiscing about last summer’s trip to New York and a lovely chowder at Pier A, I felt inspired to rustle up a Manhattan Style Chowder. To me a Chowder always has milk or cream in it but in New York it was all about the tomatoes. It seems the addition of tomatoes instead of cream is not historically without its own controversy… apparently by 1939 it had become so contentious that one State Representative, a certain Cleveland Sleepe, introduced a Bill in the legislature attempting to make the addition of tomatoes illegal. However, after a panel of Chowder connoisseurs at a competition in Portland declared the traditional New England Chowder the epicurean champion, the Bill did not pass and the Free World is still free to add tomatoes to its chowder, and so am I. Delicious.

I’m eggshausted…

We have a glut so I have been on a bit of promotional tour (boxing up eggs and giving them away/selling them). To be fair, before I had chickens I would have loved a box of organic eggs, from happy free-range  chickens that spend their days trashing the garden and grubbing up worms, and most people seem to feel the same. A box of eggs always raises a smile, I wonder if there is something “back to nature” about it all.    Anyway, this mild winter has meant that our hens have not stopped laying and we have been stacking them up, despite my valiant attempts to make tarts, cakes, omelettes, pancakes, egg sandwiches and goodness knows what else to use them up. The ladies responsibility for this cornucopia Lily, Nugget, Alice and Cruella won’t stay still long enough to photographed but that is my mission when I can get out in the garden again.