The Kitchen Table

Food Writing and Recipes

You can frequently find me sitting at the kitchen table, eating, working, drinking gin, chatting, and writing. I write creative food-related content for websites, blogs and social media, newsletters and magazines. I create and write recipes and food -related articles for local magazines and experiment with traditional, historic and local dishes.


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I am also the Nottinghamshire Editor for the Great Food Club, discovering and celebrating local independent cafes, pubs, restaurants and producers


Dream of starting your own Food Business?

Ever fancied setting up your own small food business? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to open your own tea-rooms, cafe or bistro? or perhaps you always wanted to open a little Deli in your home town or turn your Grandma’s jam recipe into the next go-to artisan product?

Many of us have these dreams, but simply don’t know where to start, and can’t afford to pay for expensive “professional” advice. Perhaps you simply need someone to chat through your ideas with, explore their viability, perhaps you simply don’t know where to begin and need someone to help you through the process and help pull together a business plan? Maybe you are currently in a completely different job/role and need someone to help you explore your business idea and see if it really is right for you?

Come and have a coffee and a chat around the Kitchen Table, I and a couple of my friends and former colleagues gave up our “day jobs” to follow our foodie dreams, some succeeded, others failed, we all learnt something. One thing we all wished we’d had was some early guidance and ongoing mentoring, at affordable rates.

Contact me, Abby, at –

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