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Oven Baked Dutch Baby Pancakes with roasted plums and cinnamon

I love a good pancake, in fact crêpes, drop scones, Yorkshire puddings, beignets, churros, doughnuts, I am partial to pretty much anything made from batter and to be fair, there isn’t much that can’t be improved by the addition of batter in one form or another. In fact, Nottinghamshire has a long tradition of batter puddings, so I like to think I am upholding the local culinary traditions… In the course of looking for alternative Christmas desserts for an article, I came across these Dutch-style oven-baked pancakes – sort of a cross between a pancake and a Yorkshire pudding. With some seasonal roasted plums (I think rhubarb would work just as well) they make a perfect winter pudding. Serve with some good quality vanilla ice-cream. Oven Baked Dutch Baby Pancakes with roasted Plums and Cinnamon Serves 2 (You will need 2 small cast iron frying pans for this, I actually used a traditional blini pan, which worked perfectly) Ingredients • 20g butter • 2 large eggs • 100ml single cream • 120ml milk • 100g plain flour • 30g golden caster …

Fish and Chip Shop Tempura Veg

Anything battered is a hit in our household (the husband is Scottish, I cast no aspersions here but, well, you know..). Over time, my light and hardly noticable Tempura Batter has adapted to meet our domestic tastes, so yes, it is more chip shop than Tokyo but still delicious. Made to a fairly typical recipe, but thicker, just 3oz plain flour, 1 tbsp cornflour, pinch of salt, enough ice-cold sparkling mineral water (or lager beer) with a few ice cubs to form a thick paste like batter (or much thinner if you want to be more authentic) whisk roughly – a few lumps are okay. Fry.