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Creamy Coconutty Loveliness

As you know, I wax rather lyrical about Borough Market in London. There are too many gems to write about them all, but being a bit of a pancake aficionado (I know, I haven’t shared much of this hidden talent with you yet…) I had to try these delicious-looking Thai coconut pancakes from Khanom Krok. A bit like Dutch pancakes but soft and creamy rather than crispy. Imagine a small, hot, crispy cup of warm coconutty sweet milk pudding. Yep. Amazing. I need to seek these out again. That’s it.  

Warming Winter Puddings – Coconut Sponge with Raspberry Jam

As the nights have drawn in and winter is just over the horizon (although it is unseasonably warm here at the moment) I was invited by our local newspaper, the Nottingham Post, to suggest a couple of warming winter puddings to keep the cold (when it arrives) out. Those of us who went to school in England, and are of a certain age, will remember the steamed and sponge puddings from primary class. When this Coconut and Raspberry Jam Pudding was chalked up on the menu board, even the grey and lumpy mashed potato could be forgiven. So when the Post asked me for a winter pudding, I thought I would go for a bit of nostalgia. This is ¬†so easy to make, very difficult to get wrong and perfect for using up your home-made jams now the summer fruits are over. You could serve it with cream, but really only custard does it justice. Be warned, though this is very sweet, you might need a nap afterwards… Coconut and Raspberry Jam Sponge Pudding 200g …