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My day out with the “Snobby Butcher”

Sharing a version of my Great Food Club article on one of Nottingham’s most famous (possibly infamous) Butchers.. “So, what have you got on today, mum?” “Well, I am going to have breakfast with a Master Butcher and then meet his pigs.” “Cool, see ya.” That was kind of how my day with the award-winning Johnny Pusztai, the Master Butcher of Nottingham’s Mansfield Road, started. You know how sometimes you come across a place and you think “how come I never knew how amazing this was?” That was how I felt when I stepped inside the unprepossessing J.T. Beedham’s (Johnny’s butcher’s shop) on a damp January morning. Beedham’s, has been selling quality meats on the Mansfield Road in Sherwood since 1884, and the small shopfront nestled between cafes, pubs, healthfood shops and delis is the front for an Aladdin’s cave of butchery, smoking, curing and drying that makes the most of all the nooks, crannies, cellars and yard of this turn-of-the-century building. You need to visit somewhere like Beedham’s to remind yourself what real butchers …

Field to Pot….Slow Roast Lamb

The fields around the house are bucolic at the moment, the sun is out in the English Spring, and the lambs are skipping around, racing each other and bleating madly. It’s like an episode of the Archers, but without the domestic violence. Spring lambs are a joy to behold, but, now be strong, they are only there enjoying the sun because we eat them . This 4 hour pot roast with red wine, chunky carrots, onions and courgettes, Rosemary, garlic and stock, was devine.

A new local Indian, bit of vertigo and no vigorous head-nodding please.

So last week we went local. We rarely eat out on our doorstep….but I am going to go with this because, well, I feel this place should succeed….but… There is an interesting-looking new local Indian Restaurant, Agra Cottage which seemed to promise a quality sit-down meal in a nice quirky old cottage setting in the heart of a South Nottinghamshire village. It has not been open long and we decided to take a punt. Firstly the place is miniscule, with just 4 tables downstairs which share a space with the reception/counter/takeaway desk, and the kitchen open to the rear. There is a narrow and very steep old staircase to the first floor where the loos are and two side rooms with additional tables. I really wouldn’t want to navigate these stairs in high-heels or indeed after a drink. Fortunately, as the place is not yet licensed (although you can bring your own) there was no danger of that. It is, though, beautifully decorated and modern. With only 4 tables downstairs you are very close to …