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A delightful Chinese “find” on a sunny Thursday lunchtime, 19Gale, Leicester

What a find! on a sunny Thursday in Leicester we stumbled upon 19Gale, next door to the wonderful Curve Theatre. I say “stumble” only as we are not very familiar with Leicester City Centre dining, clearly this is not a “hidden” gem, it is actually a cavernous place hidden behind a stylish but fairly unassuming frontage. But it is indeed a “gem”. Despite the size of the interior (and it is vast) and the fact that on this sunny weekday lunchtime there was only 6 of us in a restaurant that must have 200 covers, it didn’t feel empty, in fact in felt calming, relaxing and welcoming. We could have sat there all afternoon. As a cafe/restaurant owner myself, I tend to be quite circumspect about reviewing others, and very generous when I can see that some behind the scenes kitchen disaster has occured and the staff are desperatly trying to make things right in the face of unforgiving customers. I hadn’t intended to write an account of our lunch at 19Gale, but as it …

Italian Foods in a Leicester Market, oh, and a Plantagenet King.

Another beautiful day in Nottinghamshire, and time to venture out from the Kitchen, indeed out of the county. Oh yes. A family day out to our neighbouring county of Leicestershire to visit the Tomb of King Richard III. What an astonishing story that is, if you get chance, go see for yourself. After a fabulous lunch (more of that later) we spent a joyful afternoon exploring the sun-drenched food market in the city centre. What an unexpected pleasure it all was. What a glorious stall this was, cheeses, meats, olive oils and pastries…. oh and a rather attractive chap…….what more does one need in life (except wine, of course). This stall smelled of so many wonderful holidays in Italy. We couldn’t resist and bought loads. Of course. We also bought three types of sausage….. And some pastries…………. Well, loads of pastries, actually. And of course, I was too stuffed from lunch to eat these……………well almost.