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Food Festival Porn in Melton Mowbray

As you know, I love a good food festival. The trouble is, so few of them are, in fact, any good. Almost every weekend there is a food festival somewhere, I don’t mean Farmer’s Markets or Food Markets, but events described as “food festivals” and usually held in some rather nice location, an old Market Square, a stately home, a country park, a lakeside location. Each one that appears on my social media, lures me in with promises of artisan foods and new foodie treats. I find it hard to resist, and I have been to loads. A lot of them are, though, pretty rubbish. I know it takes time for things to become established, for audiences to build up and for traders to think it worth their while, but still, Food Festivals that charge £6, £8 per head before you can enter to spend more money, and/or are in the middle of nowhere (petrol money, bus fares) and only have 6/7 stalls with traders who resent giving out samples, really, really annoy me. You …

Kiss-Me-Quick Hats, Rock, Chips, Donkey-rides? Nope, Artisan Cheese.

I love cheese and this weekend I discovered a new cheese. Well, it’s not that new, I know it won an award in 2012, but that is still pretty new as far as cheeses go and definitely new to me. It is local, made near the Lincolnshire Coast in a small village in East Lindsay –  Thorpe St Peter –  a stone’s throw from the very traditional British holiday resort of Skegness. Skegness is famous for many things – and for those of us who have grown up in the East Midlands or Yorkshire it has probably been one of our regular day-trip destinations since childhood (I have a photo of my Great Grandmother walking arm in arm along the front from 1931!) The long stretches of sand, the donkey-rides, the “Pleasure Beach”, winkles, cockles, buckets and spades, “Kiss-me -Quick” Hats, End of the Pier shows, sticks of rock, the Illuminations and hot chips burning your mouth on a breezy walk along the prom, bring back happy childhood memories for many of us in this …

Italian Foods in a Leicester Market, oh, and a Plantagenet King.

Another beautiful day in Nottinghamshire, and time to venture out from the Kitchen, indeed out of the county. Oh yes. A family day out to our neighbouring county of Leicestershire to visit the Tomb of King Richard III. What an astonishing story that is, if you get chance, go see for yourself. After a fabulous lunch (more of that later) we spent a joyful afternoon exploring the sun-drenched food market in the city centre. What an unexpected pleasure it all was. What a glorious stall this was, cheeses, meats, olive oils and pastries…. oh and a rather attractive chap…….what more does one need in life (except wine, of course). This stall smelled of so many wonderful holidays in Italy. We couldn’t resist and bought loads. Of course. We also bought three types of sausage….. And some pastries…………. Well, loads of pastries, actually. And of course, I was too stuffed from lunch to eat these……………well almost.