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Too full for a food market, but here’s some mad cheese.

This is a very short post to let you have a quick peek at some cheese. I am currently waiting on the arrival of “A Year in Cheese” by the Guameri brothers of the Androuet fromagerie, which will support a little regional foodie project I am working on. In the meantime, I cannot keep away from cheese. These pictures of cheese were taken in Nottingham’s Old Market square, regrettably, I can’t tell you what any of it tastes like as we mooched about here after a rather large and very filling lunch of Angus Burger and Pork and Paprika sausage at Oaks and we couldn’t manage to eat anything, let alone contemplate buying anything to take home. Well, to be entirely truthful, I did have a cube of this guy’s aged compte but I really, really wanted that unreal-looking blue Lavender cheese. Next time, I hope to be able to squeeze sufficient in to tell you how it tastes. Yep, bit of foodblog fail there. Hurrumph.

Manhattan”corner shop”, but I still need a liquor store, honey.

“Let’s pop to a local supermarket,  see if we can pick up a few things for the room – wine, snacks etc to nibble and sip while we unpack”. My inspired idea on arrival in Mid-Town Manhattan last week. We walked out of the hotel and spotted this:- I tried to find the door (there were a few, I wasn’t drunk) and my first encounter with a native New Yorker who laughed and pointed me in the right direction. Why do I keep singing that Sting song about an Englishman in New York….? Anyway, this was our local “corner” shop. Open 24 hours and, well, is there anything more one can want to consume that you can’t find here?  (as it transpires, yes, but more of that later).      Now, I love Morrissons and Sainsbury’s, even Waitrose, as much as the next man, but I want one of these shops in my village. These photos don’t do the range justice, but I thought I might be deemed slightly mentally deranged if I took photos …

Italian Foods in a Leicester Market, oh, and a Plantagenet King.

Another beautiful day in Nottinghamshire, and time to venture out from the Kitchen, indeed out of the county. Oh yes. A family day out to our neighbouring county of Leicestershire to visit the Tomb of King Richard III. What an astonishing story that is, if you get chance, go see for yourself. After a fabulous lunch (more of that later) we spent a joyful afternoon exploring the sun-drenched food market in the city centre. What an unexpected pleasure it all was. What a glorious stall this was, cheeses, meats, olive oils and pastries…. oh and a rather attractive chap…….what more does one need in life (except wine, of course). This stall smelled of so many wonderful holidays in Italy. We couldn’t resist and bought loads. Of course. We also bought three types of sausage….. And some pastries…………. Well, loads of pastries, actually. And of course, I was too stuffed from lunch to eat these……………well almost.