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On taking Mother to a very unlikely spot for Teppanyaki

Taking the FWM out for lunch is always a bit of a challenge as she lives in a village in Lincolnshire that is a virtual desert when it comes to local pubs (at least that sell decent food) and restaurants. In fact such a dearth is there that unless one is prepared to drive into Lincoln and take your chance on finding a parking space anywhere near where you want to be, or settle for a sandwich at the local garden centre, there is pretty much nowhere to go. So when I spotted a Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi bar existed on the Doddington Road  (the Lincoln Bypass, essentially) that also had parking, we decided to give it a go. If one is to imagine a setting (or even a name – Ethan’s) that looks less likely to host a Japanese restaurant I can’t think you could conjure up anything quite as unlikely as this. It is essentially on a garage forecourt abutting the ring road located in a rather odd (or quirky if you prefer) circular building with exposed iron scaffolding on the roof, which it shares with a BBQ grill …

Fish and Chip Shop Tempura Veg

Anything battered is a hit in our household (the husband is Scottish, I cast no aspersions here but, well, you know..). Over time, my light and hardly noticable Tempura Batter has adapted to meet our domestic tastes, so yes, it is more chip shop than Tokyo but still delicious. Made to a fairly typical recipe, but thicker, just 3oz plain flour, 1 tbsp cornflour, pinch of salt, enough ice-cold sparkling mineral water (or lager beer) with a few ice cubs to form a thick paste like batter (or much thinner if you want to be more authentic) whisk roughly – a few lumps are okay. Fry.

Bonzai, Nottingham, always a pleasure.

So, here’s the thing. Life has been complicated these last few weeks and my blogging has taken a bit of a hit as a result. I am now trying to catch up and it is at this point you realise that all the good advice you give yourself about taking a picture of the menu and noting down the dishes, is actually really rather good advice. And did I follow this advice? Nope. With a German student staying with us for the weekend we headed out for a Sunday lunch treat. I had, in fact, stocked the house up with meat, thinking English sausages might feature on the menu. When I asked my daughter if our guest had any dietary requirements she replied “no, no she eats anything, oh, except meat” 🙄 So here’s a quick run through of our super lunch at Bonzai-  with apologies for the fact that I can’t actually give you the names of much of what we ate….   We started with a simple vegetable tempura, light, crispy and delicious. …