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Creamy Coconutty Loveliness

As you know, I wax rather lyrical about Borough Market in London. There are too many gems to write about them all, but being a bit of a pancake aficionado (I know, I haven’t shared much of this hidden talent with you yet…) I had to try these delicious-looking Thai coconut pancakes from Khanom Krok. A bit like Dutch pancakes but soft and creamy rather than crispy. Imagine a small, hot, crispy cup of warm coconutty sweet milk pudding. Yep. Amazing. I need to seek these out again. That’s it.  

Zaap, Nottingham, again

My first experience of Zaap was a bit mixed and the team kindly offered us a couple of vouchers to use on our next visit in recompense. We appreciated the gesture and so last Sunday, abandoned the traditional Sunday lunch and went a bit street food instead, and this time we were really glad we did. The place was packed and the lively, chaotic décor, designed to give a flavour of the Maeklong Railway, with Tuk Tuks, market stalls, and even a full blown train coming down the tracks was brought to life by so many full tables and animated conversations.            The daughter hit the Chai Bubble Tea and the husband and I had the Chang and Beerlao. Bubble tea – I know a lot of people love it, in fact the daughter dragged me all the way to Soho last summer just to try out Bubblicious. But no, just no, I cannot get this stuff – chewy tapioca in a cold brew – no thanks. Still, the daughter loved this version and we enjoyed the …